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LGCYC Board Meeting

February 8, 2000

Members present: Commodore Spencer Raggio, Vice Commodore Herm Lintner, Treasurer Steve McClintic, Secretary Stacy McClintic, Race Committee Chair Chuck Thorne, Cruising Committee Chair Bill Morris, Public Relations / Newsletter Chair Madelyn Thorne, Membership Chair Buck Bryan, Casey Morris, and new member Sam McClintic.

Called to order by Commodore Raggio at 1845 at Starbucks in Saratoga Springs.

The Secretary's minutes were accepted as submitted. There was no Treasurer's report.

Committee Reports
Spencer reviewed the proposed boart and will have all finalized by next month. Also, Spencer opened up the floor for discussion concerning the opening event. We have been invited to participate in the Mayor's Cup on June 3. After some discussion, it was decided to join the Race Clinic with the opening event on June 11 at Chingachgook, and Y-Knot will be invited to attend. Spencer will be updating the web site.

Ti Race: Herm reported that we will run the traditional Ti Race along with the shorter course, which should increase participation. Herm also submitted his proposed budget for 2000. More information on the changes to the Ti Race will be available at next month's meeting.

Racing: Chuck reviewed this year's race schedule. At Bill's request, Chuck explained the "early/late" race series.

Membership: Spencer distributed a mock-up of the brochure and reviewed the membership fees. It was suggested that we mail the brochure to the existing membership. Buck is working on getting the by-laws resubmitted.

Cruising: Casey suggested that the Cruise Committee and the Social Committee work together to advertise events There will be a flier concerning the scheduled cruises at the opening event.

Newsletter: Articles should be submitted to Madelyn by April 1 for a May 1 publication date. As Treasurer, Steve will maintain the mailing list.

Social: Spence reported for Deb. The after-race events will most likely stay at the Garrison.

Next meeting is set for March 14. Adjournment: 8:10 p.m.