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LGCYC Board Meeting

March 13, 2001

Attendance: Herm Lintner, Bill Morris, Bob Rippel, Charles Thorne, Spencer Raggio, Maryellen Rudolph, John Brodie, Rebecca Stanley, Deb Katz, Dave Dougall, Kim Andrews

Changes to February minutes: Remove item regarding social committee’s involvement in the Mayor’s Cup Race. Buck and Greg will be “distributing” the brochure. Minutes of Feb 13, 2001, accepted as amended.

Financial Report
Closing balance 2-18-01 $1773.13. Kim has developed a spreadsheet for income and expenditures and is keeping track of money flow. Estimated Membership income $2700. Both the Ti and the Tanzer races even out.

Update on Insurance
Herm has investigated “event insurance” through US Sailing. The policy “on water” and “on shore”, includes alcohol usage. We will give discounts to US Sailing members. They will send a copy of sailing rules. We will become a member of US Sailing. In 1991 we lost our membership. The membership rate is $75. The policy costs $321 for “race events” and $357 for “onshore events”. We have the 1999 PHRF. We will purchase the new edition.

Deb Katz reported that discounts at Gore would continue. In the future we will be able to get ongoing discounts as a group. Club opening event is May 19th. This is the first clinic of the Y-Knots. Deb is investigating Davidson’s Brothers Brew Pub in Glens Falls for the opening celebration, She will check for accessibility. We will continue to utilize the Boathouse for after racing celebrations.

Communications Newsletter
Bill Morris discussed his plans for newsletter inclusions i.e. member partnership announcements, calendar of events, etc. The membership brochure will be included in the March edition.

Brochure distribution 1000 brochures were printed initially. Kim has 300. Buck has 300. It was decided to include a copy of the brochure in the March Newsletter. This includes 120 brochures.
Bulletin Board. A 4' x3' bulletin board is being developed to be placed outside Yankee Yacht.

Year 2000 Membership List
Discussion pursued regarding lost members. It appears that we have heard from two members who had received no information over the past year of their membership. A motion was made to give these members free membership for this following year. Passed unanimously. Names will be given to Bill Morris and to Herm to receive a welcome letter. Procedure for new members: Bill Morris receives it and places name in Newsletter and database. Kim receives the dues. Herm sends a welcome letter.

Membership dues
A motion was made to keep the dues the same for this year. Racing membership: $105, Social membership: $50, Newsletter $5. Yes vote was unanimous.

Ti Race Committee Chuck Thorne
Next planning meeting March 28 at Clifton Park Y, additional dates are 4-25, 5-23. Same format as last year. with the long and short race. Looking for corporate sponsors. Suggestion that we bring a Martin 16 to Yankee for the weekend. It was suggested that a brochure be developed and available to promote the Martin 16 and the Y-knot. BBQ set for Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Donations being requested from Adirondack Beverage. Rotary Club will be contacting Rebecca or Chuck regarding support.

Race Committee Bob and John
Keeping to the same set-up with an early and late series. It was found that this increased participation. Final schedule was published in the Newsletter. Bob will develop a list of committee boats and assigned dates and will place it on the Internet. Equipment: Only thing needed is one flag. Bob will get a copy of the new rules book. Discussed ideas for building a new “flag holder” that would be transferable to various boats.

Cruise events
Send any suggestions to Herm.

Rebecca reported that they have had a first meeting and are finalizing a schedule of events.
Third Annual Y-Knot Regatta is scheduled for Oct 6-7.

Tanzer 22 North Americans Dave Dougall
All set up with National. Expecting 10-12 boats. Will have 4 races. He is negotiating motel and dock space. He will develop a list of his needs and assignments will be made, i.e. committee and chase boats, protest committee, etc.

Sailing Classes
Kim reports 10 registered members. She also has some speakers signed up for various nights.

Corinthian Organization Documentation of the Bylaws
Chuck will check with Buck for the job descriptions.

Respectfully submitted,
Maryellen Rudolph, Secretary