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LGCYC Board Meeting

July 13, 1999

Present: Commodore Spencer Raggio, Vice Commodore Herm Lintner, Secretary Buck Bryan, Race Committee Chair Chuck Thorne, Social Committee Chairs Madelyn Thorne and Deb Katz, Cruising Committee Chair Bill Morris, Publications and Publicity Chairs Steve and Stacy McClintic.

Called to order by Commodore Raggio at 1845 at Starbucks in Saratoga Springs.

The Secretary's minutes were submitted for approval. Deb told us that Judy Sanders could not be at the Ti Race due to personal issues. Herb let us know that J/22s can now participate in Lake George Club afternoon races. Minutes approved.

The Treasurer's report was submitted for approval. Dennis reported that the voice mail has been cancelled. He also said the Ti Race incentive seemed to be a good idea; lots of new members and paying crew members. Report accepted.

Committee Reports
Social: Annual banquet is in the planning stage–probably November 6. Buck offered suggestions for entertainment–speaker, slide shows, etc. We were told that the Garrison has been running out of food. Chuck said he has spoken to Joe, who will put out more food and possibly place a sign so other patrons are aware that the buffet is for the Corinthians.

Cruise: Bill had the first cruise last weekend and only his boat attended. He’d like to make sure there really is interest in cruising. Buck feels we should try a few more as a way to rebuild the Club. Next cruise is set for July 25th.

Racing: Flags and book will ship later this week. Spence gave Chuck an article concerning handicaps which will be considered for next season. Herm reviewed the situation with the finish of the Ti Race and will have more information at the next meeting. Spence suggested that we look into purchasing an inflatable boat to be used as a chase boat. Dennis suggested we look into renting the Boston Whaler. Chuck will speak to Bob about rental fees.

Membership: Buck reviewed the brochure design with Spencer. Buck made a motion to allocate $525.00 for production of the brochure. Deb seconded. Motion passed. Dennis informed us that US Sailing’s database is available on the web. Buck requested that Board members return the questionnaires to him and also suggested that we consider people for next year’s board.

Newsletter: Steve reported that the newsletter will go out this week. As always, Steve & Stacy are looking for articles. Buck has submitted two for this edition.


Deb shared the tri-fold about Y-Knot and thought this would be a good group with which to be involved. Chuck will chair a feasability committee to look into sponsorship for the Ti Race and which charity we would support.

Adjournment: 8:15 p.m.