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LGCYC Board Meeting

September 11, 2001

Attendance: Lintner, Thorne, Raggio, Andrews

Old Business
The secretary’s report of the August meeting was accepted with the following additions and corections: “Present at the meeting: Morris, Rudolph, Katz, Lintner, Andrews, Thorne. Guests: new member Rex Moon.”

Cash on hand $4057 as of August 31. Anticipated expenses to year-end bring us to ~$2000. Publicity, Membership, Bulletin Board, Brochures: Banner cost (heavier canvas) $150. Spencer/ Dennis Hudson. Mailing list cuts wait until Spring. Consider raising newsletter membership to $10. Brochures are expensive, 150 on hand, wait until we have a plan to print.

Looks good at the Boat House for remainder of season. Consider some show of appreciation, banner, “thank you” in newsletter. Pumpkin Regatta is on, with a BBQ at Yankee. Annual Banquet /Meeting is on Saturday Nov 3. Aim to break even. Approved $30 baby gift for the Bill and Casey Morris.

Race Committee
Trophies: Congrats Sheila Brodie winning the Women’s Race. Find the trophy so we can reaward it to her at Annual Banquet. Concern that there aren’t enough hands around on race days to work with Race Committee, so as not to burden Brodies and Yankee. Need to get flags — by Tanzer NA’s? Prep Flag.

Cruise Events
Disband committee, pre set date/ location as a social in 2002.

Y-knot Committee Fundraiser
Concern over accounting procedures for new boat. Ready up all hands to support the Yknot Regatta October 5-7. Congrats to local Dave Whalen, winner in Canadian cup races

US Sailing Youth Sponsorships on Lake George
Herm and Rex are interested. Work with Northern LG Club, Lake George Club, and Camp Chingcachook, schools to show support and stay within our Mission

New Business
Lake George Mirror will be free to members by agreement with Chuck. Possibly more. Bus Trip to SAIL AMERICA in January in Atlantic City with Chuck.

In the absence of the Secretary, notes recorded hereby & respectfully submitted,
Kim Andrews, Treasurer