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LGCYC Board Meeting

September 14, 1999

Present: Commodore Spencer Raggio, Vice Commodore Herm Lintner, Secretary Buck Bryan, Treasurer Dennis Hudson, Race Committee Chair Chuck Thorne, Publications and Publicity Chair Steve McClintic, Social Committee Chair Madelyn Thorne.

Called to order by Commodore Raggio at 7:00 pm.

Minutes of August meeting approved.

The Treasurer had no formal report. Dennis stated that we are in good financial condition.

Committee Reports
Social: Banquet will most likely be held at the Ripe Tomato in Malta. Madelyn will organize a folder with Social Committee’s responsibilities for posterity. Deb submitted the “committee form” to Buck.

Race Committee: Chuck reported that we have one make-up race which will be run on the 25th along with the Alexanderson Cup. The trophy for the Ti Race has been passed to Paul. Herm suggested that we present Dave with a “Good Sportsmanship” award. Chuck also reported that only 4 out of 20 boats qualified for the season. He would like to change the racing series, perhaps three races on three days, or three long-distance races. He is open to suggestions from the members before making a decision.

Membership Committee: Buck will need the printed brochure in order to proceed with the membership drive. Buck would like to clear our membership rolls of non-payers. He will contact them to see if they are still interested in membership. If not, they will be removed from the mailing list.

Newsletter: Steve is asking for articles for the newsletter. Buck emphasized that a newsletter can be an effective selling tool for the club.

Chuck is still attempting to contact Y-Knot concerning the Ti Race. Spencer informed us that Y-Knot is holding a regatta on October 15-17 and they are looking for volunteers.

Spencer would like to hear from anyone interested in serving on next year's board.

Next board meeting set for October 12, 1999.

Adjourned 8:30 pm.