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Corinthian News: September 2005

Commodore’s Notes

Hello to all Corinthians and Sailing Enthusiasts,

This update is just a short summary of the Corinthian season and remaining events in 2005.

As the racing season draws to an end with only the Changing of the Colors and Y-Knot Regatta left, I would like to extend thanks to all those who have helped make the summer a success. From the Ti Race through the Sunday Series and concluding with the Navigator (see below) the weather was good and the winds mostly cooperated.

This year we continued the concept of sending the Spinnaker Class around buoys and the Cruisers around natural marks with good feedback to date. We look forward to comments about how this works and any improvements participants care to make. Final standings will be posted shortly.

We also tried a new start procedure without a committee boat. Initial results appear favorable and may allow all boats to race rather than sit out as the committee boat in the future. This will be discussed over the winter by the race committee.

As most of you know, we tried a new late season long distance race this year called the Navigator (thanks Steve Jackson for the appropriate name). Starting at 18:30 last Friday night, three of the cruisers headed up the lake into the dark. The stars were magnificent and the winds blew between 5 and 18 from the Northeast all night long. By 23:30, the moon rose making the return trip down the lake almost like day time. The North Mark was the F1 buoy just South of Sabbath Day Point and was reached by midnight by all three boats. The lead up the lake changed hands a number of times and led to some humorous moments wondering "how they got ahead of us" or "where the *-xo are they going." The trip South to the finish in Lake George Village saw varying wind but was a fun run home. As the temperature dropped to the high 30s, everyone bundled up (see that note about appropriate clothing in the sailing instructions). Congratulations go to Kindred Spirit who crossed the line about 05:15 on Saturday Morning. Other comments heard were "I ran out of crew before I ran out of race course." In all, we hope this may start a tradition similar to the Ti Race in future years. I am sure the participants will be please to fill anyone in on the details and stories of the night.

Saturday evening saw five of our members rafted together for the Moon Glow and Fireworks in the village: another tradition to grow.

Our last formal event this year is the YEAR-END BANQUET, which will be held on Saturday November 12th. Details will follow shortly. Please mark you calendar for this date to join in a great dinner, a few sea stories and to make plans for next year's season which will only be five months away.

We hope to see you as participants or spectators for the Colors and Regatta, and definitely for the Banquet. Again thanks to all,

Charlie Pound
Commodore 2005
Lake George Corinthian Yacht Club